Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer hotness.

Hello friends, family, Alicia.
Our new record is done, finished, complete, talk about done-cakes our records got it.
Well almost done, We still need to get the tracks mixed which should be happening soon.
I think there is something for everyone to like about these new songs, they are good, honest, colorful tunes that we are really proud of.
The only way to hear these new songs right now is to come out to a show and there are going to be lots of them this summer, hit up our myspace for all the tour dates
Thanks for all the love.


Here is a little clip of Bread and I rocking out in the studio.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seattle Wa.

The Northwest is super awesome this time of year. We're in Seattle right now finishing up our last few songs with Aaron Sprinkle, its a good feeling to have a record almost done. Besides recording we've been eating lots of top ramen, Hot Mamma's pizza, PB&J and watching Walker Texas Ranger which still is as amazing as ever. Seriously watch it sometime. if anyone still reads this thing we have all our summer tour dates posted, we are going to cover alot of ground with some pretty rad bands: Nevertheless, Wavorly and Deas Vail.
Come out to a show, its good for you.