Monday, August 18, 2008


In case you didn't know we are in Europe. Its pretty much the coolest place in the world, its been like a dream come true for us. The people are all so nice and they all speak English as good as we do, we are having a blast. To get here we took an 11 hour flight from Portland to Frankfurt Germany where we jumped in a van and drove almost 4 hours to Holland, there we spent the first three days in a town called Deventer (one of the oldest towns in Holland) near there was a festival called Flevo there where we played two times. All the people at the festival were amazing they were so receptive of us even though we are pretty much unknown here.
After the festival we rented out own van and drove to a little town called Westbroek where we are staying now.
The US Dollar is really weak against the Euro right, one dollar = about 60 Euro cents. and things are priced high too, a bottle of water is 2 euro which is around 3 dollars. Gas is 1.60Euro/liter which translates to 8.88 dollars/gallon. it costs alot to do anything so we are being very wise with our money.
We have one more day in Holland then we are going to England, its going to be "fun" trying to drive on the wrong side of the road and find out way around.
I'll try and send more updates and pictures during our trip but it can be difficult getting internet access over here.
I've posted a few pictures. its beautiful here.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Rock Tour!

Howdy Friends,
Last night was the 3rd night of the summer rock tour with Nevertheless, Wavorly and Deas Vail and it was pretty dang awesome. It was the second time we played at the Murray Hill Theatre and its also the first time we've played the same venue twice outside of our home state, if that makes any sense.
it was great to see friends that we haven't seen in a while and we got to have a little after party in the cafe where Dustin and I played a few songs and hung out with friends.
A special thanks to Ali"C"ia, Anna for their gifts and cookies, good stuff.
We like Jacksonville.

take care y'all.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer hotness.

Hello friends, family, Alicia.
Our new record is done, finished, complete, talk about done-cakes our records got it.
Well almost done, We still need to get the tracks mixed which should be happening soon.
I think there is something for everyone to like about these new songs, they are good, honest, colorful tunes that we are really proud of.
The only way to hear these new songs right now is to come out to a show and there are going to be lots of them this summer, hit up our myspace for all the tour dates
Thanks for all the love.


Here is a little clip of Bread and I rocking out in the studio.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seattle Wa.

The Northwest is super awesome this time of year. We're in Seattle right now finishing up our last few songs with Aaron Sprinkle, its a good feeling to have a record almost done. Besides recording we've been eating lots of top ramen, Hot Mamma's pizza, PB&J and watching Walker Texas Ranger which still is as amazing as ever. Seriously watch it sometime. if anyone still reads this thing we have all our summer tour dates posted, we are going to cover alot of ground with some pretty rad bands: Nevertheless, Wavorly and Deas Vail.
Come out to a show, its good for you.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey friends,
We're busy in the studio makings songs and although we have lots of breaks and down time we still don't update on here. sorry.
Anyways, we're right in the middle of the new record. Ryan and Brett (newest nickname=bread) have finished their drum and Bass tracks and now its Dustin and my turn to try and play our guitars in time and in tune, luckily Dustin sings like a little song bird so vocals are turning out SICK!
I'll try and write some more on here in the coming weeks, in the meantime here are some great pictures I just took with my computer (thanks apple.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Kinda late for that headline but who says we can't celebrate the new year whenever we want?
It has been a good year so far for Ruth, lots of home time with family and friends which feels really nice. But the show must go on, we are right in the middle of a tour with two great bands: The Afters and Everyday Sunday, if you haven't heard either of those bands check them out, you just might dig-em. We are just joining this tour for the west coast portion.
A few other new things to let you know: we've been working on lots of new songs, I know every band always say how excited they are for their new songs and we are no exception, we are really excited for you to hear them. Sometime in the next few months we'll be getting into the studio to record them.
Also, We are going to be at tons of festivals this summer, we will be posting them soon so keep on the lookout.
Take care friends.


  • P.S. ~ I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my boys in the U.S. NAVY for successfully taking down our disabled spy satellite on the first try today. pretty good shot. holler.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, Tour is over, back to the real world.
I think we all are suffering from a little Post Tour Depression Syndrome (P.T.D.S.) but it really does feel good to be home with all our friends and families again. The last two show of the tour were some of the best I think, there were so many awesome people we knew at both of them which made them very special and the crowds were great.

Last shows are notorious for pranks, we really didn't get hit too hard, before we went on stage a certain person dumped flour on Ryan's snare drum so as he started the song he was covered in a white cloud, it was pretty rad actually. and at the end of the last song several masked men who looked alot like Drew Shirley, Jon and Tim Foreman came out and heckled us. It was all good.
We were able to join Relient K while they played Sadie Hawkins Dance and jumped around a bit then stage dived, it was the first time for Dustin and it was actually quite pleasant.
Switchfoot has a part in their set where they all freeze and stay absolutely still and silent, so we tried to pull a prank by running on stage and freezing with them but they decided to skip that part of the song and we were all left on the stage looking like fools. They are good.

Well we are happy to have some time off for the holidays, keep checking our schedule for upcoming shows, we have some stuff in the works which might be coming back to your town.