Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey friends,
We're busy in the studio makings songs and although we have lots of breaks and down time we still don't update on here. sorry.
Anyways, we're right in the middle of the new record. Ryan and Brett (newest nickname=bread) have finished their drum and Bass tracks and now its Dustin and my turn to try and play our guitars in time and in tune, luckily Dustin sings like a little song bird so vocals are turning out SICK!
I'll try and write some more on here in the coming weeks, in the meantime here are some great pictures I just took with my computer (thanks apple.)


Me! said...

WOW. those photos are breathtaking!
never seen anything so beautiful!

Studio is exciting! I'm ready for some new jams!

Me! said...

and updates are good too...please keep 'em coming.