Monday, August 18, 2008


In case you didn't know we are in Europe. Its pretty much the coolest place in the world, its been like a dream come true for us. The people are all so nice and they all speak English as good as we do, we are having a blast. To get here we took an 11 hour flight from Portland to Frankfurt Germany where we jumped in a van and drove almost 4 hours to Holland, there we spent the first three days in a town called Deventer (one of the oldest towns in Holland) near there was a festival called Flevo there where we played two times. All the people at the festival were amazing they were so receptive of us even though we are pretty much unknown here.
After the festival we rented out own van and drove to a little town called Westbroek where we are staying now.
The US Dollar is really weak against the Euro right, one dollar = about 60 Euro cents. and things are priced high too, a bottle of water is 2 euro which is around 3 dollars. Gas is 1.60Euro/liter which translates to 8.88 dollars/gallon. it costs alot to do anything so we are being very wise with our money.
We have one more day in Holland then we are going to England, its going to be "fun" trying to drive on the wrong side of the road and find out way around.
I'll try and send more updates and pictures during our trip but it can be difficult getting internet access over here.
I've posted a few pictures. its beautiful here.




Jotifman said...

it's nice to see that you like Europe!
Europe like you... Mouahahaha xD
Be blessed

Melanie said...

It's so cool that you are able to go to Europe. :) And the pics are beautiful!

Hannah said...

If you keep rocking as in Flevo, the rest of Europe will love you!I've got some pictures on myspace of both your concerts at Flevo. I'll try to sent some to you.
God bless and enjoy Europe!

Roselien said...

Brilliant, that windmill on the top of this blog. You are definitely in Europe =]. Glad you like it here guys. Enjoy your time in Europe and take care riding on the wrong side of the road. It is a funny thing to do, trust me! Unfortunately I can't be at the concert in Zwolle...

Keep rockin' & God Bless!

TotallyWillem said...

hey guys!

nice to read that you guys like holland (although you've told it over a thousand times!:P) Sunday was great it was real cool to hang out with you guys. Hope to see you at the EO conference where nick told us about!

grtz william

Anonymous said...

cool! europe!!
lol. as i was reading the blog entry i was all, i bet nick is writing this. and then when i got to the end it's like, wow. he IS writing this. how freaky that i guessed right, huh? lol

the pix are great, and it looks like you guys are doing well.


Emma said...
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Emma said...

It was amazing to have you guys at Flevo! Hope to see you next year. For now... God Bless and.. GA ZO DOOR!!

Greetings from Holland

Rafaela said...

I'm kinda late but ok xD The concert in Zwolle was awesome! Too bad I couldn't see you at Flevo! You're right.. it is expensive here.. tho a botlle of water for 2 euros.. you can get it a lot cheaper in a supermarket :) I think.. :P Can't wait to see you again!


ps: Maybe you could come to the EO Youthday !! :D