Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, Tour is over, back to the real world.
I think we all are suffering from a little Post Tour Depression Syndrome (P.T.D.S.) but it really does feel good to be home with all our friends and families again. The last two show of the tour were some of the best I think, there were so many awesome people we knew at both of them which made them very special and the crowds were great.

Last shows are notorious for pranks, we really didn't get hit too hard, before we went on stage a certain person dumped flour on Ryan's snare drum so as he started the song he was covered in a white cloud, it was pretty rad actually. and at the end of the last song several masked men who looked alot like Drew Shirley, Jon and Tim Foreman came out and heckled us. It was all good.
We were able to join Relient K while they played Sadie Hawkins Dance and jumped around a bit then stage dived, it was the first time for Dustin and it was actually quite pleasant.
Switchfoot has a part in their set where they all freeze and stay absolutely still and silent, so we tried to pull a prank by running on stage and freezing with them but they decided to skip that part of the song and we were all left on the stage looking like fools. They are good.

Well we are happy to have some time off for the holidays, keep checking our schedule for upcoming shows, we have some stuff in the works which might be coming back to your town.




Me! said...

aw! awesome.
ptds does hit you hard. and fast.

hopefully you guys come back around soon!


Susieq3c said...

What a great picture!!! It was great seeing you guys on tour! God bless!!

Stuart said...

Saw you guys in Columbia, SC. I was really impressed by your music. My family and I love the CD and look forward to seeing you again. God Bless!