Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Best Coast.

I mean the west coast. We are in beautiful sunny southern California and loving it, the sun is out and it is warm. Today we drove up the 101 from Irvine to San Luis Obispo listening to some Elvis, good times.

I left off when we were heading to New York city, we all agreed that it was arguably the best show that we've been to, just an epic memorable night and I was able to find a super sweet pair of gloves on the subway too. Bonus.

We are sadly starting to realize that the tour is wrapping up, it has been so awesome . Any of you friends along the west coast should do your best and come hang out with us at one of our shows. we would be stoked to see you.
take care friends.

(Heres a tasty little picture of switchfoot melting faces in NYC.)



Me! said...

amazing guys! so happy you're having a prodigious time on tour!!
hope to see you back around soon.

Pomegranates said...

Sigh. I miss you guys! We have a mastered copy of the record... Whats an address to mail it to?