Friday, November 16, 2007


Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, beautiful hills, beautiful everything.
We just finished our second show here and are sad to be leaving BUT tomorrow we head to NYC.
We are all really excited to hang out in the city and take in the sights.
If you are interested Dustin will be joining Jon Foreman and Matt Thiessen on November 30 for the morning show on Air1. It will be from 7-9 AM, if you don't get Air1 where you live you can stream it online at
Thanks for reading, here are a few cool new pics.
Hope to see you soon friends



OneVoice said...

who took the pictures?!

Me! said...

Happy Thanksgiving you'ns.

Me! said...
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gellie said...

i saw you guys in PA/NYC/Baltimore, and you were awesome every night. you have a very tight live sound. kudos to ya.

shestoto said...

I saw you guys at Lehigh university in PA. I must say God has given you a gift as musicians. love your music and keep rocking!