Thursday, November 8, 2007

Howdy friends,
We are in lovely Knoxville Tennessee, We had a few days break in Nashville to relax and rest but now we are back on the ole road. We are half way through the tour already and time is flying by, we have been having so many good times its been unreal. Everynight we get the pleasure of joining Switchfoot and several Relient K fellows to perform the song "rebuild" if you haven't already been to to check out the song you should.
A while back we stopped at a Louisiana alligator farm and took some pics, we had never really seen real live alligators before so we were pretty awestruck, they are awesomeWe asked our awesome tour guide if she loved her job, she answered: "theres a difference between love and respect" as she pokes a 16ft red eyed alligator with a stick...classic.
take care friends



OneVoice said...

those alligators piled on top of each other looks like a whole bunch of lizards.

Susieq3c said...

I guess alligators aren't commonplace in Washington. But around here we see them quite frequently. We don't poke 'em with sticks though. We call Wildlife Control before they eat our dogs.

Caught both South Carolina shows. I was very impressed with you guys...slide guitar, harmonica...loved it!

joannschatz said...

i saw you guys last night in ypsi and OMG you were awesome. and then i met you afterwards with my friend sam. and we got a picture and we bought your CD and a shirt and you signed them. you guys were seriously sweet. keep being amazing i love you!